I've always felt I was privileged to have these three ladies at our dinner table.
From left to right;
Bertha Wellenbrock Frasier. Bertha was born 1884 on the Wellenbrock homestead down on the Canal. When she was seven years old, she got lost walking home from school. Frank Frasier was the one who found her. In 1905 Frank and Bertha married and farmed out by the Lakeside School. They later moved to the Yakima Valley. Bertha was visiting her niece Lela Ward when she came to our house for dinner.
Sophie Kuhnhausen Wellenbrock was married to Bertha's brother George. She grew up in the Oscar and Antonie Kuhnhausen home where Mary and Glenn Pierce now live. Sometimes I would hear Sophie and her sister Wallie speak German to each other.
Sophie was Lela's mother.
Rama Kuhnhausen was married to Sophie's brother Osmar. She came to keep house for Osmar and they ended up marrying in 1951. Rama had the most beautiful long hair, which she braided herself and then neatly coiled the braid around her head.

The men were in the living room playing Pitch, which was Osmar Kuhnhausen's favorite card game.


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