Glenwood Primary Room---1936-37

At the Fall 2017 Camas Prairie Pioneer Meeting, Teunis Wyers brought an old photo album that someone had given him. This class photo was included.
It was taken in front of the old school. Across the street is the house we once lived in. The house was built by Matt Gilmore, father of Bertha Babcock. Phil and Sweeter Dean at one time lived in the house as did Hank and Lorene Ladiges.
At the meeting, Hazel Bertschi Parsons helped me with some of the names. Hazel is the middle girl in the back row.
Hazel says Mrs. Nieveen was the teacher and her husband was the principal.
Front Row-- 1st Grade:
Donaldine Martzell, Herman Kuhnhausen, Alice Warner, Floyd Booher, June Schneidler, Florence Wellenbrock, Billy Conboy. Bertha Margado was absent that day.
Second Row--2nd Grade:
Genaro Solo? Velma Lane, Truman Keel, Ray Lane, Dale Johnson, Vivian Ward, Eloise Gribner, Victor Guthrie.
Back Row--3rd Grade:
Lorraine Conboy, Ruth Kuhnhausen, Hazel Bertschi, Vada Burgess, Chester Wellenbrock.

I have included a newspaper clipping in a previous photos which tells about Mr. Nieveen and his former pupil Ernest Wellenbrock.


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