Do You Know Where This House Came From?

Do you know where this house is located in Glenwood? Do you know where it came from? Do you know who has lived here? Click on the photo to leave a comment.


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  • Laurene Eldred on 2015-Jun-29 03:44:01 Laurene Eldred said

    I will make the first comment, just to see if it works. DeRowland Ward first told me about this house. I know someone who can fill us in on the history details, but why don't you make a guess.
  • Shirley Burril and Skip on 2015-Jun-30 04:09:21 Shirley Burril and Skip said

    We don't know who lived there before The Holly's and the Sprages. Do not remember where the h ouse came ,before them. Will think this one over.
  • Gary Sprague on 2015-Jun-30 20:37:24 Gary Sprague said

    I was raised in that house staring in the late1940's. It was about 12 miles south of where it is now located. It was located on the Laural Rd. intersected with the Glenwood White Salmon Rd.

    Dad jacked the house up and pulled to the current location with tractors. He then remodeled the house and added two bedrooms in the early 1950's. In the early 1960's the house was sold and we moved to a ranch near to the Old Mill Pond on the way to Goldendale.

    Gary Sprague
  • Laurene on 2015-Jul-02 20:04:50 Laurene said

    Thanks Gary for filling us in. Do you know if it was part of the Horn's Mill housing?
  • Kim on 2015-Jul-04 23:29:04 Kim said

    Ethel and Eric Burkland lived there for years. When Eric passed, Ethel stayed for a while and then moved away. They were good friends of my mom.
  • Laurene Eldred on 2015-Sep-08 03:00:43 Laurene Eldred said

    Thanks Kim. I had forgotten all about the Burklands.

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