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I know....this isn't a barn, but it is a great photo of the Old Grange Hall which was built in 1895 or 1896 and has sat across from my house ever since I have lived here, slowly becoming a memory of the past. One day it will be an invisible memory. As Scott Withers titles the photo, "Sinking into the Ground".
From "The History of Klickitat County".
"OCT. 12, 1895-----Peter Hoult and A.Rotzell to survey a lot on H.M. Trenner land to build a Grange Hall."
Trenner was the original owner of the Bill Leaton Ranch. He donated a portion of land for the Grange and the Church. There was also the Smith store and a bowling alley in the area.

For many years, just about every community gathering took place at this building.

Lela Ward said her dad set bowling pins for the bowling alley next door. Young Ted Kuhnhausen said when they were kids playing in the yard, they found a bowling pin.


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