The 1984 Glenwood School Annual, featured a series of eight local barn photos. Osmar Kuhnhausen identified the barns by name. This barn is located on what we now call the Zeigler Place. Osmar identified it as the Barlow Barn.
This is what I learned from Hazel Bertschi Parsons. She said "Uncle Barlow" helped build the barn and perhaps one of the first schools here in Glenwood".
Anna Leaton Barlow was born in England. When she was three years old, the family moved to Michigan. In 1872, she married Irving Herbert Barlow. They came west in 1886, finally settling in the Appleton area and later moving down to Lyle. According to Jennie Wright Stump's memories, her father a violinist and I.H. Barlow, who had been an eastern dancing teacher would play music and teach dancing, to students in the area, which included traveling to Glenwood. Anna's brother William Henry Leaton moved to the Glenwood area around 1887. William's daughter Cassie married V.C. Bertschi which is why Hazel calls our barn builder, Uncle Barlow.
There is a also a recent more colorful photo of the barn in this section of barns.
I have written a blog about the history of this barn.



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  • laraine on 2017-May-10 22:13:25 laraine said

    It is Zeigler.... not Ziegler
  • Laurene Eldred on 2017-May-16 21:34:28 Laurene Eldred said

    Thanks Laraine. I will try to get it corrected in all of the articles.

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